Solvang Cycling 唯乐骑行


A cycling adventure awaits in Solvang Village唯乐骑行冒险之旅

Moganshan is only a few hours away from Shanghai, the perfect destination to escape the fog and haze of the city and find some peace in a natural setting. Acres of bamboo sway and bow in response to gentle breezes, inviting you to shed your city cares and embrace a few days of relaxation and rest.


At Moganshan Solvang Village, a bespoke retreat inn nestled at the foot of the forest, you can rent mountain bikes for the day and enjoy three different routes.

Depending on your cycling ability, you an opt for an easy ride (route 1), a medium ride (route 2) or a challenging ride (route 3);

all three routes ensure gorgeous scenery and experiences in local villages. There is a reservoir to explore that features azure water, stunning mountain views at lookouts and leafy forests at every turn.

The routes take from 2 hours to 7 hours to complete.



所有路线都可领略到不同的自然美景和当地风土人情, 包括漂亮的水库和超棒的山景。路线可从2小时到7小时不等。

When you’ve finished your cycling excursion, you can curl up next to the fireplace at Solvang Village and then enjoy a delicious meal made from local, organic ingredients.


The cost for your cycling adventure is very reasonable at only 160 RMB per person, including your mountain bike rental and a guide.


Guides will be available for Route 1 (2 hours including the reservoir and local villages) on April 14, 2018.

Route 2 (4-5 hours including the highest lookout Dayanli) is available with a guide on April 7, 2018

and Route 3 (6-7 hours) on April 21, 2018.


路线2(4-5小时包括了山的最高点:大洋里): 2018/4/21.

Please contact Moganshan Solvang Village to book your weekend escape from city. Your two wheels and the forest await.


Solvang hiking


YEJO & Solvang - Moganshan local nature & culture 莫干山探索

Surrenders to BEING

- Zhejiang Moganshan local nature & culture discovery
独心幽篁 禅境清音
- 浙江莫干山自然&文化探索
Per Person: 1990 RMB per person 费用
kid bellow 10 years half price 费用
Date: March 30 - April 1 日期
Endurance: 2/5 强度
Technicity: 1/5  难度

About the retreat
Surrenders to the mountains of Huzhou, Moganshan…
with its vast bamboo forest, green mountains and dotted lakes.

Live in the village boutique guesthouse, explore the bamboo forest and carving one Chinese stamp with the bamboo, visiting the local monk, all to present the beauty of the region, to turn our thinking mind down and filled with joy, vitality and timeless moments of HERE and NOW, Surrender to the BEING.

我们将莫干山的深山之处,小村尽头 走遍。



Day 1
19:30   Departure from Shanghai
22:30   Arrive in Moganshan, check in Solvang Village in a small hided mountain village
Day 2
08:00   Morning stretch, breath
09:00   Breakfast
10:00   Nature hiking into bamboo forest
13:00   Local lunch
15:00   Workshop of Chinese Cooking
17:30   Break, relax walk into nature
18:30   Dinner
20:00   Night explore
Day 3
08:30   Breakfast
09:30   Drive to the nature
10:00   Short hike in nature or swim in nature (depend on season)
12:30   Local lunch
15:00   Rest and return
18:00   Back Shanghai
As rooms has many different size, if you have families to join, we will arrange it with family size also depend on booking order.
19:30   上海启程出发
22:30   抵达莫干山山林深处,入住隐匿山间的 唯乐山居
08:00   早起,拉伸
09:00   早餐
10:00   竹林小徒步
13:00   当地午餐
15:00   雲玖工作坊-当地手工点心
17:30   漫步自然
18:30   晚餐
20:00   夜探萤火虫

08:30   早餐
09:30   再次进入莫干山的大自然
10:00   小徒步探索周边 看天气小水库游泳
12:30   当地午餐
15:00   返程
18:00   回到上海

A private mini-bus will be arranged from/back to Shanghai downtown.
Time: 19:30
Place: (unless notified differently)
Zhongshan Park Subway Station, Line 3-4, Exit 3
Beside the 7-Eleven shop
集合地点:中山公园地铁站,3-4号线,3号出口(7-11 便利店旁)
The meals include countryside local dishes, fresh vegetable and meat cooked in the traditional way. Simple and Healthy.
Should you have especial requirements, please let us know beforehand.
(Needs to be prepared by each participant)
- Hiking shoes and aqua shoes (necessary, paths are very slippery when wet)
- Hiking Jacket & Pants depends on season
- Rain coat (in case)
- Quick dry sports gear
- Drinking bottle (no soft plastic, as often refill is with boiled water and it melts)
- Backpack to carry your things during the hike (~25L)
- Hiking Poles (optional, helpful with wet path and to avoid knee problems)
- Weather protection, according to the season
- 适合户外的徒步鞋/登山鞋
- 徒步小背包,约20升
- 运动快干衣
- 雨衣(以防下雨)
- 个人水壶(可在当地灌装开水)
- 登山杖(可选择性携带)
- 季节性的防护用品
- 开放的精神和思想,利于人生每一步:)
- Transportation From & Back to Shanghai
- Insurance
- Meals as per itinerary
- Guiding & Coaching
- 2 nights accommodation in hotel
Not included
- Alcoholic Drinks
- Other personal expenses
- 往返集合点的接送包车
- 活动领队,当地向导及所有所需公共用品
- 行程内的餐饮
- 2晚当地酒店住宿
- 户外保险
- 酒水(啤酒饮料等大家AA)
- 其他个人消费
Enjoy your vitality, devote to the Present and experience nature with serenity… See you soon!

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